Denim is not seasonal

posted by Hammel @ 13:00 PM
March 17, 2011

After 15 years of selling the Carhartt line of clothing, I am of the thinking that everyday of the year denim is popular. What changes with the seasons is the weight of the denim and maybe the style and of course lined denim for the colder times.

Denim jeans come in several styles and washes and are available from hundreds of manufacturers. I would imagine the price could range from $10.00 to $300.00 or more if you really wanted to get extravagant.

Carhartt makes several styles and washes of denim  and along with these are the always popular denim bib overalls. These are one of my personal favorites!

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Seasonal work wear

posted by Hammel @ 12:57 PM
March 16, 2011

For parts of the country the weather is breaking and spring is on it’s way. It is especially helpful to dress in layers right now. Colder morning temperatures make it necessary to wear insulated bibs and a heavy coat and by lunch time this is no longer needed and the coat can be shed. A few more weeks and we will be looking for a shade tree and wearing summer weight garments.

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Carhartt plays fair

posted by Hammel @ 12:43 PM
March 15, 2011

Many times small business’s  don’t stand a chance, but my supplier is Carhartt, the maker of bib overalls and other work clothing and that is the reason I can run with the big dogs. If I buy 50 units of product and a big farm store buys 5000  units the price per unit is the same. They do get a few perks that I don’t, but in the end I am satisfied with the outcome. Generally the more you buy the lower the price, and the “little guy” gets snuffed out.

Being self employed has it’s ups and downs but this mother of three is happy to still be in the game.

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Carhartt…hands down.

posted by Hammel @ 11:24 AM
March 14, 2011

I asked, and without hesitation the answer was Carhartt lined bib overalls. Many customers, when asked, have several favorite Carhartt items but one that they would not want to be without. For me, my first layer choice would be my ladies jeans and my all time favorite is my old traditional arctic coat. That coat has been on many adventures and could tell many stories, if it could talk..and for the record.. I am glad it can’t!

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It is costly, but it saves

posted by Hammel @ 11:13 AM
March 13, 2011

Carhartt Flame-Resistant Clothing, hard hats and hi visiblity clothing are very commonly required safety items on many jobs these days.

The high risk jobs have become safer in recent years due to requirements, not suggestions for every employee to meet or exceed certain safety standards.

These items can prove to be costly and we will never know how much we saved!

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Good Deal !

posted by Hammel @ 10:43 AM
March 12, 2011

To his co workers he was   “Steve O”  and he was notorious for keeping the job site lively.  As a customer in my Carhartt shop he was equally entertaining and very enthusiastic about finding so many Carhartt overalls and other items he wanted in stock. A true Carhartt fan.

The clown on your crew may not be the hardest worker but what would you do without them?

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For work or play…

posted by Hammel @ 10:43 AM
March 11, 2011

Carhartt, the maker of the famous bib overalls, has a clothing line for women and children too. If your kids play as hard as most people work, then Carhartt brand is for you!

What we thought was one of the last chances to play in the snow has turned out to be anything but. Since this picture was taken we have had half a dozen more playable snowfalls here in WV.

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What would Hamilton think

posted by Hammel @ 13:07 PM
March 9, 2011

Hamilton Carhartt a true entrepreneur in his day began with a vision and a simple, comfortable piece of work clothing that forever changed his life and generations to come.

Carhartt bibs are synonymous with quality, comfort and durability. Many companies have their version of the good old brown duck bibs, but if it doesn’t say “Carhartt” it’s not the best!

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How times have changed

posted by Hammel @ 13:06 PM
March 8, 2011

When my great granddaddy was a young man camo insulated bibs were unheard of. In those days deer were scarce and only the very best hunters would get one.

Nowadays, hunters of all ages and skill levels have the benefit of all kinds of gadgets and gear to aid in the success of appearing to be “a mighty hunter!” And after you get your deer, you can take a picture with your camera phone and the world can see your deer before  you even leave the field! Too much!

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What’s new?… you ask!

posted by Hammel @ 13:04 PM
March 7, 2011

If you own a pair of Carhartt lined or unlined bib overalls and maybe a hoody or coat then you may think of Carhartt as a company who only makes work clothing for the manual laborer. Think again! The Carhartt line of clothing includes some very stylish and durable casual items as well. Camo hunting clothing, cargo shorts and pants, chambray shirts, ripstop fabric clothing, textured fleece and great looking polo shirts, just to name a few and I haven’t even mentioned the ladies clothing! Let’s start with great looking denim jeans in several styles and washes, cami tanks and beautiful plaid shirts for spring, cargo shorts and ripstop capri’s in solids and camo, are we having fun yet? Also for the ladies are several new bright colors this season like watermelon, and grape heather. So if this Carhartt selling girl is smiling it’s because she enjoys her job and Carhartt keeps  giving her new, fresh, fun lines to sell.

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